Numa Gama live

2020年、パーカッション&シンガーのLarissa Conforto (ÀIYÉ) とミュージックプロデューサーのCassius Augustoと共にNuma Gama Liveとしてニューアルバム“Me Redesenho”をリリース。今回はリリース直後の楽器奏者を引き連れたジャパンツアーとなる。

Multimedia artist birthed in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Gama extracts sensations out of environments, in order to create dream-like sound anecdotes. Ambiguous puzzles between organic native and ethereal abstract, brings the non-binary to a singular perspective, hazes one’s sense of duality.
Based between Berlin, São paulo and touring nomadly in the past years, Gama has become a present figure in Voodoohop and Alternative electronic music, as the genres connected expands throughout world’s club and festival scenario. Having bought their projects from big festivals to cultural centers and street parties, their liveset now integrates two more musicians, recreating and deconstructing live the music, the producer has composed.
They present the new album “Me Redesenho” under the name of Numa Gama alongside the percussionist, singer and music producer Larissa Conforto (ÀIYÉ) and the writer, multi-instrumentalist and music producer Cassius Augusto.